E-commerce solution for fashion designer

Moya fashion

Designing & developing e-commerce solution for fashion designer Moya.

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1. Overview

MO.YA fashion is a brand created by Barbara Piękut which work was published in top of the fashion magazines in Poland and worldwide (Elements Magazine in New York).

Our job was to design custom e-commerce solution. Project was done in August 2015.

2. Scope

Web design, custom e-commerce implementation, project management

3. Team

Briefmonkey - web design, front-end development.

Intensis Software - Tomasz Augustyniak and Lukasz Sobieszczański as a front and back-end developers

David Kapkowski Agarwood - the client

4. Workflow

Consulting with the client about the design and content, end-t-end web development, testing.

5. Toolkit

HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JS, AngularJS, Photoshop, Trello.

MO.YA fashion - subpages

MO.YA fashion - subpages

MO.YA fashion - responsive web design

MO.YA fashion - responsive web design

MO.YA fashion - subpages

MO.YA fashion - subpages

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