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Mistral offices

Developing website for Mistral - corporate offices in Warsaw 

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1. Overview

Agarwood is a furniture design company that creates unique pieces of furniture. Luxury custom furniture for the most demanding clients.

Our job was to design simple webpage with Agarwood's offer.

2. Scope

Web development - PSD to HTML , cooperation with account managers

3. Team

Briefmonkey -  front-end development

Bueller & Frye - Marcin Ku┼║niak - account manager

4. Workflow

Consulting design, front-end coding and making amendments in the project.

5. Toolkit

HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JS, Photoshop, Sublime Text.

Mistral offices - homepage

Mistral offices - homepage

Mistral offices - selecting building page

Mistral offices - selecting building page

Mistral offices - location overview

Mistral offices - location overview

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