Geosolar data management application


Designing & developing data management system for solar panel energy company

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1. Overview

Geosolar electrum is company in energy and power engineering industry. Their work is heavily dependent on access to multiple kinds of data, whenever the location of their agents.

Our job was to create mobile friendly in-house data management web application to enable quicker and more reliable troubleshooting and data communication.

2. Scope

End-to-end web development based on project documentation, project management, UI/UX design

3. Team

Briefmonkey - UI/UX design, front-end development, project management.

Intensis Software - Tomasz Augustyniak and Lukasz SobieszczaƄski as a front and back-end developers

Geosolar electrum - the client

4. Workflow

Analyzing of current desktop systems, gathering user and business requirements, user and stakeholders interviews, sketching, wireframing, prototyping, testing and iterating solution, coding.

The project was executed in an agile mode (mostly kanban). Most of the collaboration was done remotely with usage of JIRA and Confluence management systems.

5. Toolkit

HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JS , AngularJS, Photoshop, InVision, UxPin, Git, Bitbucket, JIRA, Confluence.

6. Description

1. Tight deadline, a lot of work

After a skype call, we have a good understanding of what the client wants. Later on we received project documentation which contained all type of data that must be accounted in our work.

We quickly picked up familiar libraries and plugins to meet the 2 month deadline for designing and coding user interface and integrate it with external database.

2. Let's go

We decided that use of Jira and Confluence would be an overkill - introducing these systems to the client would take too much time. We chose Trello.

User requirements

Instead of doing standard user requirements gathering (i.e. interviews or contextual inquiries) we had to benchmark the competition and talk with the users about pros and cons of these solutions.

Based on one week back and forth conversation we prepared clickable prototypes in UXpin.

One of the charts (highchart.js)

One of the charts (highchart.js)

3. Coding and integrating

While briefmonkey worked on UI and research, Intensis solutution dealt with external database integration.

Prototype of the UI was quickly approved and after 3 weeks we had foundation of design and integration with the database.

Administration panel

Administration panel

Chart with dashboard menu

Chart with dashboard menu

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