Co-creating and delivering

Digital UX course

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1. Overview

Coderslab is the leader of IT education in Poland with more than 1150 students becoming a junior developer, tester or designer from scratch.

Our job was to help co-creating Digital UX course and facilitating delivery of the course to the market. We were also engaged into research activities (market & competitive research) to deliver the value proposition to the customers.

2. Strategy

The strategy part was quite different for this project. Our goal was to deliver the digital UX course content within 4 months.

The main challenge was the time to delivery. Together with Coders Lab team we thought through the tasks and figured out the division of work to meet the tight deadline.

3. Team

Briefmonkey- UX design, creating UX course content, users testing, market research

Coders Lab

Jarosław Rzepecki - UX-designer, co-creator of the course ,

Elzbieta Gradziel - product/project mangera

4. Details

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